The cock crows
It is a dawn of a new day
I wake up with no say
Full of zeal and zest
Viewing it as being blessed
I join the rest
In the feeling of a graet taste
Of the sun shining bright
With an admirable light
All thanks to nature

We arise after a short while
To cultivate a pile
With the records from file
And at times follow the preceeded trail
Or rely on the once told folk tale
All set to nurture nature

Plant trees, it attracts rain
Plant trees, it acts as water catchment
Plant trees, we need the water
Remember, water is life

Has it ever occured to you
That you live to die
That the once known source of life
Can also be a cause of death
That a once calm and friendly sky
Can also be harsh and hostile

It still remains a mystery
Recorded in our books of history
The pangs of sadness in the story
And the hearts full of fury
The water drained all the curry
Yet all they tell us is sorry

They took it as a top story
But how could it be a top story when there’s nothing top about it
Or tell me, what is top about it?
Is it the fact that it left us homeless?
Is it the fact that it destroyed our plants?
Or the fact that it took lives?
Or is it because it is gonna be built on a foundation of a 42 storey?

The same water that gives life
Is the same one that takes life
Will you still love nature
Will you nurture nature after what it did to you?
The Solai Mystery
Is still a top story
And in my country all top stories are politicised.

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When everything about you is writing. And that becomes the only place you get your peace of mind.

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